Our Board of Directors powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, and talent.

Learn more about the people behind the Foundation. Clicking each person will take you offsite to their LinkedIn profile to see more about their professional accomplishments. 

Ervin Wesby

Ervin Wesby is an Office Services Supervisor ensuring compliance and policies standards of daily operations. He also manages the developing of personnel, meets financial goals, and formulates partnerships with clients. Ervin has also worked as a Human Resource Specialist in the nonprofit sector. Ervin possesses a Bachelor of Elective Studies from the University of Bridgeport, and Human Resources Management Certificate from Baruch College. Ervin is an Active Member of Phi Beta Sigma Brooklyn Alumni Chapter. Ervin volunteers and assists the Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network’s annual events.

Tyrone Johnson

Tyrone ‘Tee’ Johnson is an Educational Administrator with the New York City Department of Education. He works out of the Office of School Wellness Programs and is a Senior Subject Area Instructional Program Manager for Wellness, Health and Physical Education. He provides service oriented on-site consultation, technical assistance, trouble shooting, capability building, and support to schools within various districts to improve student achievement with regard to educational policies and practices. He engages and supports school leaders in designing, implementing and conducting of appropriate professional development activities for school leaders, teachers and other staff to map curriculum with NY State Education Department learning standards. He collaborates with many community-based organizations to enrich school programs is also highly experienced in mentoring teachers, athletic coaches, and other stakeholders in the areas of Wellness, Health/Physical Education and athletics.